O COMERCIAL is located in the most visited monument in the north of Portugal, Palácio da Bolsa, in the historical center of Porto, combines the elegance of the past with new trends.

A beautifully spacious and intimate space, full of refinement, with large windows facing the river Douro, from where you can see the pier of Gaia and the ancestral wine cellars of Oporto. It is the perfect frame for the new concept of “Portuguese Progressive Cuisine”.

The menu is based on traditional Portuguese cuisine adjusted to the new techniques and new products available in the market.

PALÁCIO DA BOLSA is considered one of the most beautiful buildings that Porto has and one of the richest in Portugal

Sendo um dos salões de visita da cidade onde se têm desenrolado os mais marcantes acontecimentos sociais, políticos e culturais ligados à vida citadina. 

A sua construção foi fruto de um grande investimento e dedicação por parte dos mercadores portuenses que haviam perdido a Casa da Bolsa do Comércio e se viram obrigados a discutir os seus negócios ao ar livre, na rua dos ingleses.

A 6 de Outubro de 1842 foi lançada a primeira pedra do Palácio da Bolsa, que hoje podemos admirar.

Este edifício ostenta uma variedade de estilos, desde a severidade da arquitetura toscana e do neoclássico oitocentista, até aos primórdios policromáticos do Salão Árabe e com notórias influências do gosto neopalaciano inglês.


Black pudding crepe with goat cheese, apple caramelized and honey

Traditional game meat smoked sausage with turnip greens, olives and quail egg

Sardine bruschetta with goat cheese gratin, pumpkin sauce, espelette chilli ice cream

Veal carpaccio with pesto sauce, capers and parmesan cheese

Foie gras in the oven with drunk pear and moscatel sauce

Grilled scallops with diverted caviar, ratatouille and pumpkin/mascarpone sorbet

Shrimp soup

Onion soup with gratinated mountain cheese in bread toast

Asian integral noodles with vegetables, soya sauce and sweet pumpkin compote

Spicy spaghetti with herb mayonnaise, flamed shrimps, clams and quail egg

Vegetables risotto with raisin and soya sauce

Mushroom risotto and wild “cepes”

Dried tomato risotto with black olives and asparagus

Strawberry risotto and shrimps

Fish sole with prawn, three peppers sauce and parsley purée 

Salmon with cornbread crust, musseline of black pudding and saffron

Tuna steak with pistachio and poppy flower, porto wine onion and sautéed potatoes

Octopus, cornbread mixed with spinach and clams

Grilled scallops with brandy flamed prawn, black linguini and saffron sauce

Duck leg confit with balsamic orange cream and chips mushrooms mixed

Lamb shank cooked in douro wine, served with corn bread mixed with tomato

Pork cheek confit with port wine sauce and mushrooms risotto

Fillet mignon with foie gras mousse and porto wine sauce, bacon and tomato cous cous

Veal cheek confit with muscatel sauce and black plums risotto

Codfish confit with port wine onions, mountain cheese biscuit and dry fruits risotto

“O Comercial” codfish with sausage trilogy, crispy onion and chips mixed with spinach

Suspirrom with chocolat mousse and red fruits

Apple crumble with cinnamon and grand marnier ice cream

Orange pie with strawberry confit and mandarin sorbet

Papos de anjo ( egg yolk with sugar sauce ) red fruits and passion fruit sorbet

Abade de Priscos pudding crispy ham and port wine ice cream

Caramel fondant with vanilla cream and rhum/raisins ice cream

White chocolate fondant with red fruits coulis and mon chéri ice crea

Chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis and expresso ice cream

Seia mountain cheese with compote and dry fruits



O Comercial

Rua Ferreira Borges - Palácio da Bolsa

4050-253 Porto

t. +351 918 838 649


From tuesday to saturday:

Lunch from 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

From monday to saturday:

Dinner from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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